Top Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Noida

What is Big Data Hadoop?
                               As the name indicates that big data refers to the processing of a large set of complex data while Hadoop is a framework used to handle and store such complex data and process it

Training Institute in Noida

                           As it is a digital world learning technology is just like a piece of cake. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, and Noida contain various institutes for learning

Croma Campus
             Croma campus is a famous big Data Hadoop training Institute in Noida. It has an attractive infrastructure with lab facilities. It assures the students of 100% placement. The course duration for Big Data Hadoop in this training institute was 75 days with two hours per day in a full-time course. It also varies depending upon students, job going persons. They provide study materials-books and other necessary materials to crack the interview with complete knowledge of practical training.

         Javatpoint institute concentrates on technology like Programming languages and all trending technologies. Coming the concept of Hadoop covers the topic such as                  
                         What is Hadoop?
                         What is big data?
                         Hadoop Installation
                         Hadoop Modules (HDFS, Yarn, MapReduce)
The tutorials on Java point are clearly explained which helps the students to be experts in Technologies.

        CETPA provides a great platform to the students who love to teach Big Data Hadoop. They make the students capable to get placed in large MNCs with attractive salaries. They teach the students what are the necessary skills required for the students. It provides a one-year membership card to every student who is enrolling. The expert and experienced staff handle the student.

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